The DCI Hall of Fame Class of 2014.
The Drum Corps International Hall of Fame is where the legends of the drum corps activity are remembered for the indelible impressions they have left on the activity.

The Hall of Fame began in 1985, with six inductees enshrined that inaugural year. Every year new members are added to this prestigious institution. To date, 119 people have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

New Hall of Fame members are elected by the DCI Board of Directors and Hall of Fame Members in the spring of each year.

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Jim Jones Leadership Award
2014 recipient John Filippone with DCI
Hall of Fame member Gene Monterastelli.

This award is given each year to one Open Class and one World Class drum major. It is named after Jim Jones one of the founding directors of Drum Corps International and a charter member of the Hall of Fame.

Selections are made each year by a committee of Hall of Fame members. The funds for the award are also provided by members of the Hall of Fame.

Jim Jones Leadership Award Winners:
  • 2014 David Warren, Phantom Regiment (World Class)
  • 2014 John Filippone, Genesis (Open Class)
  • 2013 Dean Patterson, Phantom Regiment (World Class)
  • 2013 Jenna Wojdula, Legends (Open Class)
  • 2012 Sean Phelan, Madison Scouts (World Class)
  • 2012 Happiness Yi, Oregon Crusaders (Open Class)
  • 2011 Ben Pouncey, The Cadets (World Class)
  • 2011 DaJuan Brooks, Blue Devils B (Open Class)
  • 2010 John Lee, Madison Scouts (World Class)
  • 2010 Eddie Pineda, Blue Devils B (Open Class)
  • 2009 Stephanie Lee, Santa Clara Vanguard (World Class)
  • 2009 Kelly Koch, Legends (Open Class)
  • 2008 Meghan Huber, Crossmen (World Class)
  • 2008 Blair Lezcano, Velvet Knights (Open Class)
  • 2007 Evan VanDoren, Carolina Crown
  • 2006 Bob Beasley, Carolina Crown
  • 2005 Matt Rummel, The Magic
  • 2004 Kara Hoeflinger, Phantom Regiment
  • 2003 David Simon, Phantom Regiment
  • 2002 Josh Phillips, The Cadets
  • 2001 Mark Irons, Santa Clara Vanguard
  • 2000 Andre Feagin, Phantom Regiment
  • 1999 Jeff White, The Cavaliers
  • 1998 Brad Green, The Cadets
  • 1997 James Gulke, Blue Devils

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