Encourage and experience achievement at a higher level

Become a “Friend of DCI” today and share your commitment with future generations of outstanding young performers.

There's nothing quite like the exhilaration of thunderous applause, rewarding teams of 150 sweat-soaked performers on one hot summer night, while beams of bright stadium lights flood the lush green field, cutting streaks through the thick summer air. They've performed their hearts out tonight, keeping nothing for themselves. They smile with the knowledge that they're experiencing something truly special, cherishing the feelings and emotions enjoyed by only a precious few.

As a Friend of DCI, you are helping to guarantee that future generations of young, world-class performers enjoy the opportunity to achieve their ultimate performances, and you'll be there to enjoy every heart-pounding minute from the best seats in the house.

Membership in the prestigious “Friends of DCI” provides you with exclusive, partners-only benefits in and around the summer drum corps season. You will belong to an exclusive “inner circle” of our most committed fans who wish to encourage – and enjoy – “Achievement at a Higher Level” today and long into the future.

Please give a “Gift of Excellence” by joining our exclusive circle of “Friends” today.

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