Arts Council of Indianapolis

Arts Council of Indianapolis

Since its inception in the 1980s, the Arts Council of Indianapolis has been providing central Indiana with a wide variety of culturally enriching events, programs, and opportunities. The organization’s primary goal is to enhance the community through economic development and the power and passion of artistic expression. The council oversees funding for artists and arts organizations, in addition to providing marketing, technical and other business-related services.

Over the years, the Arts Council has been responsible for Public Art Indianapolis, the city’s public art program. In 1995, they opened the Indianapolis Artsgarden, a downtown venue offering more than 300 free, live performances and art exhibitions. Fifteen years later in 2010, the council also opened Gallery 924, a fine art exhibition for central Indiana contemporary artists.

The Arts Council offers the region’s most comprehensive and up-to-date calendar of arts exhibitions, performances and events. With IndyArts.org/guide, it’s easier than ever for audiences to find and enjoy the artistic programming of their choice.

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