DCI Fan Network

Audio Downloads

How much do Audio Performance Downloads (APDs) cost?
What file format are audio downloads?
How do I download the product I purchased?
Can I download products I've purchased onto multiple computers?
Can I download several downloads all at once?
How many days do I have to download a performance after I have purchased it?
How long does it take to download music?
The product I downloaded is incomplete. Can I download again?
What happens if my connection to the Internet is interrupted during a download (i.e. a power outage)?
Where on my computer are the downloads saved?
Where should I backup my download?
Do I need to adjust the settings of my Windows Media Player?
What computer should I use to download my music?
How do network firewalls affect the download process?
How will popup blockers affect the download process?
I use a download accelerator. Will that make my downloads go faster?
I use a dial-up accelerator. Will that make my downloads go faster?

Audio Streaming

My audio stream just stopped. What do I do?
Will the audio streams work from behind a firewall?
Which port(s) should be open on the firewall to be able to play these streaming audio files?
Can I stream audio files on my PC and Mac?
Why are my audio streams skipping or pausing during playback?
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