DCI Fan Network

Video Downloads

How much do Video Performance Downloads (VPDs) cost?
What is the recommended device for optimum viewing experience?
What software do I need to play VPDs?
Will VPDs play on Windows Media Player?
What if I have an older system and can't install QuickTime?
In what file format are VPDs encoded?
What video size are VPDs encoded in?
What is the average file size of a VPD?
How long will it take to download a file?
How do I transfer my VPD into iTunes?
Will VPDs play on my iPod?
How do I convert my VPD into the optimal iPod settings?
I can't completely download my purchased VPD.
Do I need a broadband connection to download VPDs?
How do I download the product I purchased?
Will other performances be offered as VPDs in the future?
Will current or previous year performances be offered in VPD format?
How do network firewalls affect the download process?
How will popup blockers affect the download process?
I use a download accelerator. Will that make my downloads go faster?
I use a dial-up accelerator. Will that make my downloads go faster?

onDemand Video

What software do I need to watch on-Demand Videos?
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